HeKKSaGOn Seasonal Schools

Summary of Events


February / March 2016

Kyoto Short-term Internship Programme

(Kyoto University)
February 2016
(February 15-26, 2016)

Kyoto Winter School 2016

“From Materials to Life: Multidisciplinary Challenges”
(Kyoto University)
September 2014
(September 11-20, 2014)

3rd HeKKSaGOn Summer School

"Inference on Pattern Formation: Applications to Biology and Materials Science"
(University of Göttingen)

September 2014
(September 1-10, 2014)
2nd HeKKSaGOn Summer School
"Nanotechnology: Potential & Challenges"
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
September 2012
(September 17-26, 2012)
1st HeKKSaGOn Summer School
"Crossing Borders: Unraveling Principles of Life with Quantitative Tools"
(Heidelberg University)