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University of Göttingen

University of GöttingenThe University of Göttingen is highly reputed throughout the world of academia and research. University of Göttingen’s partnerships within the Coimbra Group and the U4 Network, active agreements running with institutions of higher education in over 100 countries, a number of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for international students and researchers, as well as more than fifty English-taught Master and Ph.D. programmes offer just a glimpse of the University’s strong international stance.

Approximately 26,300 young people currently study at the University, some 11% of whom are from abroad – a clear demonstration of the pull that the University has long exerted internationally. The wide range of degree courses offered also stand out both for the outstanding study facilities in the natural and life sciences as well as for the breadth of subject diversity in the humanities and social sciences, a choice offered at only a small number of universities in Germany.