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Disaster Risk & Response: Scientific & Technological Issues (inactive)

Disaster Science and its Role for Global Safety

Disaster PreventionWith a focus on the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the German and Japanese partners have looked together at various cross-cutting issues, such as: the use of Information Technologies for simulating disaster mitigation, use of risk-based land use planning for informing reconstruction activities and the comparative experiences after Tohoku and another tsunami with resettlement.

A collaborative research area which is crystallizing out of these discussions is development on an integration and visualization framework that would allow for integration of open source modeling from multiple sources. The focus of the prospective research will be the design of an integration and visualization framework that considers the needs of a target group of stakeholders ab-initio, with the aim to provide them the ability to explore integrated risk models interactively and in a transparent and scrutable way.


Kyoto University:
  • Prof. Hirokazu TATANO and
    Dr. Lee from Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Osaka University:
  • Prof. Tomohide ATSUMI
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT):
  • Prof. Friedemann WENZEL
Tohoku University:
  • Prof. Fumihiko IMAMURA from IRIDeS
  • Prof. Shunichi KOSHIMURA from IRIDeS
  • Prof. Kenjiro TERADA from IRIDeS
  • Associate Prof. Anawat SUPPASRI from IRIDeS
  • Associate Prof. Junji KATO from School of Engineering
  • Prof. Michio UBAURA from School of Engineering
  • Assist. Prof. Kaszuya SUGIYASU from IRIDeS


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