Mobility and Funding Options

Student and Lecturer Mobility

In combining the partner universities’ complementary strengths and expertise, and in encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and generating synergies, HEKKSaGOn will enhance its potential in research and education to promote young academics and students. The network aims to collaborate in research and teaching addressing areas of high importance to society in order to contribute to the welfare of both Japan and Germany and of the world at larg

HeKKSaGOn members have agreed to concentrate on the following activities:

  • To set up research groups on specific aspects related to the priority areas

  • To involve non-university research institutions and industrial partners in research projects

  • To collaborate in the training of young researchers and to evolve joint programmes for graduate and/or doctoral students

  • To encourage the mobility of academic staff, young researchers and students within the consortium’s scope of activity

  • To jointly submit proposals in national and international funding competition


Funding Options

Germany to Japan
Japan to Germany
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (short-term)

Bewerbungsschluss: 31.07.2024

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship standard

Bewerber:Postdoktoranden, Promotion darf zum 1. April des Fiskaljahres, in dem das Stipendium angetreten wird, nicht länger als 6 Jahre zurückliegen. Alle Fachrichtungen Dauer: 12 bis 24 Monate. Weitere Informationen:

JSPS Invitational Fellowship (short-term und long-term)

Bewerbungsschluss: 30.08.2024

DAAD-JSPS Joint Research Program

Bewerbungsschluss: 10.09.2024

JSPS Summer Program

Informationen zum JSPS Summer Program 2024

European Interest Group CONCERT-Japan - Wasserstofftechnologien

Förderbekanntmachung des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung - Förderung von internationalen Verbundvorhaben in Wissenschaft und Forschung zum Thema Nachhaltige Wasserstofftechnologie als erschwingliche und saubere Energie zwischen Europa und Japan im Rahmen der European Interest Group CONCERT-Japan.