Mission Statement

In consideration of

  • the traditionally good relations between Japan and Germany and
  • the long-lasting successful collaboration between research institutions of the two countries

and remaining of the conviction

  • that all major global problems can only be solved by international cooperation in research and by the open and free exchange of knowledge and research results,
  • that changes in one part of the world have effects in other parts,
  • that it is the responsibility of the scientifically and technologically advanced nations to find solutions not only for their own countries but on a global scope
  • that universities should provide education and training to students and young researchers which prepare them for the demands and challenges of a globalized world.

six leading research universities from Japan and Germany decided in July 2010 to establish a bi-national network in order to intensify their cooperation in research and teaching in areas of high importance for the welfare of their societies and mankind as a whole.

The network members – Heidelberg University, Kyoto University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Tohoku University, University of Göttingen and Osaka University – are institutions with common research interests, but differing profiles. By combining the complementary strengths and fields of expertise of its members and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, the network will enhance its research potential and create a “critical mass” for innovative solutions that can be globally applied. In addition, varying national academic traditions and approaches offer the chance to overcome culturally conditioned limitations and to open up new perspectives.

The bi-national network aims at contributing to the welfare both of our countries and of the world at large. In order to achieve its objectives, the consortium has agreed to concentrate on the following activities:

  • to set up research groups on specific aspects related to the priority areas
  • to involve individual researchers of other research institutions and industrial partners in research projects
  • to cooperate in the training of young researchers and to develop joint programmes for graduate / doctoral students
  • to promote the mobility of academic staff, young researchers and students within in the consortium
  • to cooperate as a consortium in competing for funding from national and international agencies
  • to disseminate research results and make them available to the public for innovation and application.

The Presidents and the Rector of the participating universities hereby commit themselves to support and encourage cooperation among the partner institutions and sign this declaration in witness thereof.


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